Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Penang Hill (Part II)

This Penang Hill Prayer retreat is all about prayer and life.

Sis Hannah was the speaker for this trip. She gave very sound and good advise.
Remembering one incident that happened in my life where i couldn't take control of.
It is as if i am so weak and helpless. As many has heard before, "both sides of your hand is also flesh of your own". I realised that Church can't do much, nor your friends around nor your siblings.

Time as such, only God can be our guide. And most of all, our comfort.

Sometimes, when sharron is down and i wanted to give her a word of advise, she end up being frustrated and asked me to keep quiet. I think this is all about, having God to be around to comfort you in quietness.

This trip is worthwhile as it is one that i captured back the love and presence of God in my life.

"Reality hits us in life, it is gonna be you and the world."

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