Saturday, August 13, 2011

Peer Pressure?

Tonight, it is a beautiful Saturday
As i sit down in my house and think, all my friends are getting married.
A sign of getting old d... friends around me are getting married..
Peer pressure..
But if i look back, marriage is an important event in life, but it is just another step in life that all has to take one day,sooner or later..
so instead of seeing this as a pressure, let me treat it as a reminder and be prepared to face it with love and anticipations..


Saturday, August 06, 2011

6th Aug cant sleep

When a person cant sleep and sitting in front of the computer... what would they do a search on?
My guess would be:-
1) their own names
2) wikipedia
3) malaysiakini (if he/she is a malaysian)
4) xxxx (18SX)
5) zzzzzzzzzzz
Sorry fell asleep awhile
6) where was i? Okay, number (6), or is it number (5).. i think i need my sleep... good night~!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

I felt like a big boy finally

Today i tried(finally) to place orders for a counter through itrade CIMB ( a portal for online stock exchange in Bursa Saham)

Not expecting much, the 1 pathetic unit i bought from BORNOIL raises from 0.505 to 0.55 today.

I "earn" my first RM40 on paper of course and i felt like a big BOY.
BIG BOYS rulezz..

Anyway, the brokerage cost will be RM40++...
so what do i earn? nothing.... !#@%$%#&#(##

Anyway... it is a good experience and most of all it somehow completes one of my resolution for 2011.


Thursday, March 03, 2011

A long silence night

Tonight as usual, after an hectic day of work, I went out with my dear gf.
we had a conversation that sound like such:-

She:- Why didn't we go travel like your brother? They fly together
Me:- .....
She:- Are you listening?
Me:- Yes, but we have no money and planning for marriage ma.. (excuses as always)
She:- .... (without hesistatation) We had 5 pathetic years of courtship
Me:- ........ (A silent night)

I did some "soul" searching online and came across the definition of pathetic:-
1: having a capacity to move one to either compassionate or contemptuous pity
2: marked by sorrow or melancholy : sad
3: pitifully inferior or inadequate
4: absurd, laughable

We are always able to accept the fact that we could not perform or flare well at work.
Every year end, i will always expecting my boss to review my performance for one full year.

But have i reflect how do i flare as a boyfriend? Or have i done my part as a husband-to-be?
I do not want to be a laughable material(the last definition of pathetic), neither do i want to be sorrowful one.

I have to change... for better... in this long silence night...
If we expect assessment in work place, so must we expect assessment in relationship as well.

Food for my thoughts....

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

New year new post 2011

As i look at my last post... Oh No~! It was a year ago...
And tru enough i just turn 30~!

erm.... *waiting *waiting.....
Nothing different, i am still sitting at the same table typing this post

Okay... i will shout it loud on my 30 year old resolution:-

1) I will propose to Sharron this year.. when... i dont know.. how... i dont know... where... no idea...
2) I will save 20% of my pay for wedding
3) I will spend more time on the word of God this year
4) Shed 8 Kg from my current 75Kg..

Cool... let see how i will keep this resolution to makes them reality..

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Just came back from work... Has to prepare a report, has to search online for Praise and worship songs... has lots to do... but my mind is only thinking of one thing...

Why life is so rush? Is it because i do not know how to prioritize or is it life is supposed to be like that?

Have you ever wonder? Have you ever encounter? Sometimes that it is better to do nothing and allow the situation to gets better than strive hard but aimlessly feeling helpless?

Do not think that i am helpless now... I am just tired... This is just a thought i have right now...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

END OF 2009

Hi All,

It will be coming to an end of 2009 soon.

I know my blog has no one that comes and read allot.. (erm... no one to blame except myself who is inactive)
But i have to write something to "mark" the end of my 2009 and my new 2010.

If i were to write 3 most memorable things that happened in my life in 2009, they will be:-
1) To have the love&care from family members.
2) To went through MPC(Marriage preparation course) recently with Sharron.
3) To have good bosses at work.. (Yes, you are right, bosses... means more than 1)

Okay.. Bye bye 2009~! Here i come 2010~!