Saturday, December 19, 2009

END OF 2009

Hi All,

It will be coming to an end of 2009 soon.

I know my blog has no one that comes and read allot.. (erm... no one to blame except myself who is inactive)
But i have to write something to "mark" the end of my 2009 and my new 2010.

If i were to write 3 most memorable things that happened in my life in 2009, they will be:-
1) To have the love&care from family members.
2) To went through MPC(Marriage preparation course) recently with Sharron.
3) To have good bosses at work.. (Yes, you are right, bosses... means more than 1)

Okay.. Bye bye 2009~! Here i come 2010~!


kakikopi said...

1. i am reading your blog now.
2. i am human/person/someone.
3. therefore, there's people reading your blog.

hope both you and sharron have a good time of learning more about each other and be prepared for marriage :)

Susan said...

i am reading yr blog too!!!

Anonymous said...
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AL said...

Thanks for reading my friend...