Thursday, January 20, 2005

The forgotten

At the Vienna Music Hall
Franz Joseph Haydn’s masterpiece was presented,
“The Generation” was known to all.

Weakened by his age,
The great composer was confined to wheelchair,
Yet his fame on his times needless to say.

As the majestic work moved along,
The audience was caught up with tremendous emotion,
The song is alive and warmth.

When the passage," And there was light!" was reached,
The chorus and orchestra forth in such powerful piece of music
Audience’s enthusiasm could no longer be restrained.

The vast assembly rose in spontaneous applause.
Hadyn struggled to rise and motioned for silence.
In the mist of all applause that was loud.

With his hand pointed toward heaven,
He said," No, not me, from thence comes all!”.
He gave glory and praise to the Creator, maker of earth and heaven.

What was missing all in all?
Is the creator has been forgotten
By us all?

Yet He chose to love us
Yet He chose to die for us
Yet He chose to be your friend.

Today He has not forgotten you
Do you want to come to Him then?

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