Sunday, February 15, 2009

Paces of life

In life, there is something what we call life journey. It is not constrains to a time line, neither is it constrains by distance. It is a journey that requires a lot of attentions and effort if one wants to gain most out of his life journey.

For example, one may make the same mistakes over and over again. Then he blames God for placing him into such situations. Did he learn from his life? I believe he did not. Why some will learn from their first mistakes…some will just go round and round and wouldn’t learn from it at all. I hope I am not in this category, but much often than not, I felt so helpless…as I know I made the same mistakes over and over again. YET I did not learn from it.

Before I can even talk about paces of life, I should start with concentrating on the development of my life. Before one 100M-sprint runner become fit for Olympic games, he has to train daily, besides running, he need proper diets, proper exercise and proper lifestyle such as waking up early and sleep early. In the same way, before one start to paced his life and move on, he has to look into his inner self, as he needs to have a proper diet (to feed oneself with the word of God), he needs to have proper exercise (to exercise his faith and to trust God in times of trouble), and lastly, to have a proper lifestyle (to live a holy life, to be more like Jesus each day).

Forgiveness is one of the hardest issues to learn in life. Once you are hurt, you felt like taking revenge, even feel like hating that person for the rest of your life. But is this the way or lifestyle of Jesus? Definitely not~ but it’s often easier to say than done. J I tried and tried and tried. It hurts even deeper if he/she is the person you trusted that hurts you. Everyone make mistakes…but things that are done purposely are the most painful of all. Unforgiveness is just like a hurdle that is so high that even a high-jump athlete can’t jump over it. It will no longer be paces of life, but pit stops-of-life.

When we hold grudges on others, when we refused to view from the other person’s point of view, when we don’t choose to see others from the view of God, then more often than not we will eventually think that we are always in the right. That will make us even more selfish. Selfishness will grow and eventually it will no longer be a thoughts, but now it is an act, then as the act grow bigger, it becomes a practices, then it will become a lifestyles.
When this lifestyles has becomes a habit, it will follows you like a shadow. Then slowly you will choose to be possessive towards yourself for your own benefits, possessive towards material things for your own benefits, even possessive towards others.

As a conclusion, I believe that God is love and that he has given us his son, Jesus as a life lesson on earth, so that we will grow more to be like him. THIS is the pace of life; this is the lesson of life à to be more like Him one day. But why do I call this “paces of life”? This is because it will be fast at times, and yet sometimes it will be slow to learn and grasp the meaning of life (which is to be more like Him). Therefore, I believe that paces of life will make one fast at times, yet sometimes slow. So, what is YOUR pace in following Jesus in life?


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