Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sad sad news today

Today as usual i came to RKC (Randiant Kidz) a place where i serve as a children leader.

There is a boy by the name of Andy( fake name- to protect his identity), he is a young boy of only 4 years old(i guess)... but since young after the parents seperated, he lives with his ah ma.

All these years it's his dad that gave his daily expenses to his ah ma. Now the father has stop giving and his mum has stop visiting him...
Now THE WORST NEWS is he will be send to a orphanage in KL~~!!!

I dont know what should i respond? Should i respond in anger or should i respond in love?

This is iroonic~~ When 2 falls in love... they "dot dot dot" then when the kid is born... they ran away from their responsibility...

I am speechless......

WIll andy grows up hating this world? Will he chose to see this world from another angle?

I do have the sudden urge to adopt him... but i am disqualified...speechless....

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jessy said...

Hi Alan,

thanks 4 dropping by my blog.
din expect u to find my blog.
thanks 4 ur words of encouragement.
send my regards to sharon..
miss u guys so much.