Monday, May 16, 2005

10 days that makes me see the world

I finally understood why people says that once you've been to other part of the world.You will know that the world is very unique in nature...

I was down in Vietnam for the past 10 days from 2nd May till 11th May.

The first day when i reach Veitnam..I was lost as i dont speaks a word of vietnamese.And their english is generally poor.So i find it hard to adapt there. However, they are the friendliest people i ever met since the day i was born ...Serious~! They can just know you for 20 minutes and the next thing you know, they talk to you like buddiest,even with their broken english.Erm...They also will treat you free lunch and dinner...with no string attached or whatsoever.

the second day, we(paul , yin leng and i) visited the independance palace.As the time when we went to Vietnam, it's their 30 anniversary Liberalism Day, so we manage to see nice decorations all over the streets in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) and also "Uncle Ho"'s faces all over every buildings. ** i am not overly-describe**

Then we went to the War museum, then i see the shameful sight of US during the Vietnam War, i would call it as the "Vietnam the Victim" rather than a war.US bombed the North Vietnam with more than 3000Tonnes of bombs. I see the ugliest side of war and seeing the civilians that suffered more than the soldiers.It makes my heart cried out for the victims. I went home sadden.

The rest of the 8 days i spent them in universities around HCMC. Talking and sharing my life with them. :)

Erm....will share more next time round...sleeping lor...Nites!


Wukaneld said...

it must have been a great experience... hehe...

kakikopi said...

finally you're re-blogging. heheh. good to hear about your experience in vietnam. thanks for the souvenir too :)

fongozic said... me xilas
finally u have make it to the MT
2 years ago suppose we go China together...thanks God for everything.

how are you recently?