Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Counting the days in uni

Hai~~~ where have i been?

Counting the last day i blog till has been like 1 and a half month ...but to just like days....The reason is that i have been too busy with my final year project...that i eat,sleep and shit with it :P....i hate my fyp...i felt i am doing all alone though i have a supervisor that suppose to guide me..He always give me very insightful ideas and motivations" Go back and think yourself" very useful and very fruitful saying..IF uni let you have a supervisor to be lke that...i think i can be a better supervisor...i will at least say "I wont fail you, though i dunno what you are doing", "keep it up, you are on the right track"..can't he say such thing?

anyway, Praise the Lord, my project is really going somewhere now...i have just pass up my now left with the presentation next week.I dunno what on earth he will ask me..But i will just cross my finger and hope for the best...

That's all for now...i am really counting my days to leave tis horrible uni...but to where? to do what? now i am confused..:P

voices from a desperate guy's cries.............

1 comment:

TL said...

hei on bro! i know man, even working out here sometimes it gets difficult, but hei we get to practice patience and character development...LoL!

you'll be fine. i know God has great plans for you! You're awesome!